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3D Animation Courses in Delhi – Welcome to India’s most trusted Blender training session. In current online trend, Blender is the world’s best 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games software. Do you want to learn visual effects, art, 3D from scratch in simple step by step! Or do you already have basic knowledge and want to be a master in Blender ? Then, JMD Animation is your perfect choice! We offer exclusive, detailed, step-by-step Blender tutorials for all skill levels starting from basic to advance level. Here, you will learn 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games and many more! Let’s Explore!

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1 Lessons 00:34:25 Hours
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3D Animation Courses in Delhi
Blender Platforms
Blender Versions
Graphical User Interface
1 The Blender Interface
The Graphical User Interface
 The Blender Screen
 Interface Input
Keyboard Shortcuts
Window Arrangements
The User Preferences Window
 Preset Interface Arrangements
The 3D Window
Window Modes
 Object Tools Panel (Tool Shelf Panel)
 Moving in 3D Space
 The Blender View Menu
The Properties Window
 Blender Windows
The Out liner Window
Multiple Scenes
2 Navigation
 Navigate and Save
Windows File Explorer (Windows Explorer)
The Append or Link Command
Packing Data
Importing Objects
3 Creating and Editing Objects
Working with Basic Meshes
Placing Objects in the Scene
Edit Mode and Object Mode
Mesh Types
Cursor Placement
Moving Objects
Scaling Objects
Rotating Objects
Precision Manipulation
The Transformation Widget
Selecting Vertices, Edges, and Faces
Mesh Vertex Editing
Edit Mode Selection Options
Creating Vertices
Center Points
Object Display
Smooth and Flat Shading Options
Proportional Vertex Editing
Extruding Shapes
Creating Ground
Edge Loop Selection
Inset Faces
Joining and Separating Meshes
Object Groups
Deleting Vertices, Edges, or Faces
Adding Faces
Spin and Spin Duplicate
The Knife Tool
Bezier Curves and Circles
Sculpt Mode
Extruding a Cup
Extruding a Trough Method
Introduction to Materials
Material Settings
Material Buttons
Material Colors
Adding a New Material
The Preview Tab
The Diffuse Tab
The Specular Tab
The Hardness Value
Ramp Shaders
Halo Settings
Transparency and Reflection
Vertex Painting
Materials and the GUI
The Outliner Window
Multiple Material Slots
Assigning Texture Color
Introduction to Textures
Material Textures
Texture Display in the 3D Window
Texture Mapping
Displacement Mapping
Texture Surface Displacement
UV Mapping
Selective UV Texture Mapping
Unwrapping with Seams
Texture Paint
World Settings
Introduction to World Settings
Texture as Background
Image as Background
Image as Template
Lighting and Cameras
Lighting Types and Settings
Lamp Settings
Camera Settings Options
Camera Switching
Camera Tracking
Rendering and Ray Tracing
Rendering an Image or Movie
Rendering a JPEG Image
Rendering a Movie File
More Movie File Rendering
Video Codecs
Making a Movie
Ray Tracing
Cycles Ray Trace Rendering
Animation Basics
Introduction to Animation
Moving, Rotating, and Scaling
Viewing Your Animation
The Graph Editor Window
Editing the Curve
Other Types of Curves
Modifying Curves
Automatic Key Framing
Rotation Explained
Rotation Using F Curves
Animating Other Features
Keying Sets
Vertex Animation
Animation Following Curves
Displacement Sound Animation Control
3D Text
Introduction to 3D Text
Creating 3D Text in Blender
The Object Data Button “F”
Creating Text on a Curve
Converting Text to a Mesh Object
Converting Text to a Curve
Nurbs and Meta shapes
Using Nurbs
Creating a Lofted Tunnel
Introduction to Modifiers
Modifier Stacks
Modifiers for Modifying
Modifiers for Generating
Modifiers for Deforming
Modifiers for Simulating
Particle Systems
Setting Up the Default Particle System
Particle Settings and Material Influence
The Particles Panel
Starting a Particle System
Material Influence on Particles
Particle Interaction
Wind Force
Keyed Particle Systems
Boids Particle Systems
Hair Particle Systems
The Assignment Tab
Fluid Particles
Child/Parent Relationships and Constraints
Child/Parent Relationships
Introduction to Constraints
Transform Constraints
Tracking Constraints
Relationship Constraints
Duplicating along Curves
Extruding along Curves
The Follow Path Constraint
Adding an Armature
Single Bone Armatures
Armature Display Types
Multi bone Armatures
Deforming a Mesh Object
Armature Modifiers
Humanoid Armatures
Disconnected Bones
Vertex Groups or Field of Influence
Inverse Kinematics
IK Constraint
Character Rigging
Shape Key and Action Editors
Shape Key Editor
Action Editor
Shape Keys and Action Editor in Practice
 Fluid Simulation
Introduction to Fluid Simulation
 Basic Setup (Scenario 1)
Basic Setup (Scenario 2)
Fluid Simulation with Particle Objects
Fluid Simulation with Control Objects
Smoke Simulation
Smoke Generation
Creating Smoke from Scratch
Create a Domain
Smoke from a Mesh Object
Flow Object
Domain Settings for Rendering
Material Buttons
Smoke Generation Settings
Using Particles
Color Ramp
 Introduction to Nodes
Material Nodes
Texture Nodes
Compositing Nodes
Node Groups
Saving and Appending Node Groups
Cycles Render
Specifications for Cycles
Start Cycles
Cycles in Perspective
Useful Cycles: Add Mist
Adding Texture in Cycles
The Blender Game Engine
Introduction to the Game Engine
Reinforcing Fundamentals
Game Animation
Rigid Bodies: Dynamics
Making a Stand-Alone Game
The Video Sequence Editor: Making a Movie
Making a Movie
The Video Editing Screen
Video Sequence Editor

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JMD ANIMATION is the best education center . It provides the students to pioneer themselves in Graphic Designing , Video Editing, 3D animation, 2D animation ,VFX, Filmmaking, The Advanced Diploma course in 2D/3D animation.

JMD ANIMATION is the best education center . It provides the students to pioneer themselves in Graphic Designing , Video Editing, 3D animation, VFX, Filmmaking, JMD ANIMATION provides quality education through career-oriented courses.

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